It has begun and a New Dexter

If you haven’t been seeing much TV nowadays, you should stop whatever you are doing and wait for the comeback of one of the most exciting TV show this fall.  Dexter season 5 will be airing on September 26.  one of the most anticipated tv shows this year.  If you are not familiar with Dexter, I have managed to gather a few websites here with regard to information about Dexter the tv show.  It always has been my favorite, the same goes with heroes and glee. < I know, I know.. glee! lol

Anyhow, Dexter will be airing again from sleep for almost a year. It is quite amusing, since in this tv show, the hero or the main character is a Murderer.  A splatter analyst by morning and a notorious murderer at night.  It does not patronize the bad act, but it is amusing to see “something not common” nowadays, and I really find it interesting.

so if you have time on September 26, sit on your favorite couch, or chair and enjoy Dexter Season 5 Episode 1 My Bad Online


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